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Café filtré

About us

Providing Good Food, Good Mood and Good coffee!

Our Values

Respect for all beings & the Earth




Welcome to our second location, Cascais, Portugal. Our first location in south of France is where it all began in 2020.

After the pandemic, we had to start new and fresh, believing strongly in the success of our brand! 

Here we are in Cascais!

At our coffee shop, we value creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone to feel at home.

We are proud to offer a completely vegan menu, with home made and delicious food that comes from local farmers.

Our commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the environment is shown through our efforts to reduce our impact and inspire others to care for the planet.

We also aim to organize a range of events designed to inspire and uplift our customers.

We believe that ethical business practices are essential to creating a better world for everyone.

We trust that good food, good mood, and good coffee can all play a role in creating a happy, healthy, and vibrant community.


Thank you for considering our coffee shop as your go-to destination for coffee, food, and community.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Our Values
coffee shop

here, we CARE about you


Our Coffee Shop.

Specialty coffee

As coffee experts, coffee quality is our top priority. We selected a coffee roaster who buys directly from their partner farmers.

Our specialty coffee: from small farms, pesticide free, ensures fair local wages

We use a variety of coffee extraction techniques

(espresso, Chemex, V60, French press, cold brew...).

Plantbased food nutrition

Each of our meals and sweet options have nutritional information to guide the consumer to choose what is right for them according to their envy and lifestyle.

We select the best possible seasonal and vibrant products from local farmers who stay away from pesticides!

As experts in the plant based nutrition, we design menus that are always balanced and nutritious, full of vitamins and essentials.

Food quality is our top priority to promote people and Earth’s health while saving animals ;)

We offer you a cozy space

& free wifi !

How it all began

Welcome to my world!

I'm Gwendoline, the founder of this incredible concept that's all about blending together healthy plant-based nutrition, inner well-being, and environmental protection.


As someone who's had the opportunity to live in various places like Bali & Los Angeles.

I've become acutely aware of the impact that our lifestyles have on our bodies, minds, and the environment.

Driven by my passion for healthy living and my desire to make a positive impact on the world, I became a certified yoga teacher and learnt plant-based nutrition.

With Le Good Place concept, I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with others who share my passion for living a healthy, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.


Our Story

Our Story

MORE  than a Coffee Shop

A desire to do something that  Matters

We connect, we grow, we act together for a better world and this starts by acting locally first. Local actions spread further very quickly thanks to word of mouth and media.


By opening different locations we aim to have an impact and do our best for the people, the planet and the beings as a whole ecosystem that is interconnected and interdependent.

That is why we aim to great an amazing community by making people feel seen and cared for. We organize inspiring events to grow together and better the world locally that it spread around all of us.

Inspire, Educate & Protect are our  priority

More than a coffeeshop

Our First location in FRANCE

Top rated locally

A great vision & challenges

We opened our first location in south of France in 2020 with the mission to change people's minds regarding plant-based food. It was quite a challenge in a country side where meat is a main ingredient.

We succeeded beautifully!

An amazing community

Our customer base quickly increased and we had so many regulars who were not just vegan but everyone just loved our good food and good mood atmosphere.

We thank our best French team from the bottom of our hearts who made this incredible adventure possible and who continues to believe in our mission

À Géraldine, Jennifer, Laura, Mathilde, Micky & Anais, Clelya

Merci !

Our French Location
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