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Talks, Podcasts, Couch meetings, Conferences


Our goal is to inspire our community around subjects that matter to us: nutrition, environment, yoga…We organize regularly events that are led by professionals in these fields.

You will be able to get knowledgeable information and participate.

Can be organized out of working hours by night or as special events during the day.

Free or paying tickets depending of the event.

Cooking demonstrations, nutrition...


We want to make plant based food accessible to people through events where they can learn how to create great balanced meals. They participate, get involved and better understand how to replicate or create their own menus at home. These events are organized usually out of opening hours, you will be able to RSVP on a dedicated page.


Community events

Taking parts in local events and environmental actions


We want to be part of the change locally and participate/ co-organize events. We aim to partner with local associations who share our values regarding people, animals and the environment.

Be sure to get involved soon ;)


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